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Digital Product Designer


Business-thinking and multidisciplinary senior product designer specializing in web, mobile, and app design since 2015.

Made in Ukraine, based in Vancouver, Canada 🇨🇦.

Helping people convert their business ideas into high-end digital products that will leave their competitors behind and make people’s life easier.

Worked in different business sectors such as FinTech, Mobility, Real Estate, Healthcare, EdTech, Logistics, Travel, Entertainment, E-commerce, etc. at both large companies and small startups/agencies.

More about my experience is in my resume.
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Also helping other designers to build and grow their careers.


“Dmitry worked in my team at Fresha and proved himself to be a talented and versatile designer. He did great work to tight deadlines when necessary while working across the spectrum of design challenges, from up-front user research, through to working with developers to finalise details. He has a great attitude and is a pleasure to work with.”

“Dmitry is a very self-organised, autonomous and efficient designer. His design mockups are always clean from both the product and technicals sides. And he always easily finds a common language with the team — not a single person from the entire company has ever had any conflicts. Thanks, Dima!”

“I was managing Dmitry directly and with his help, we successfully launched a new fintech product inside Fondy. Dmitry is a skilled designer, his decisions are sharp and accurate. I recommend Dmitry as a product designer for your company 🔥”